Free DVD for Your Homeschool: Stossel in the Classroom

Each year I get a free DVD from John Stossel's series, Stossel in the Classroom.  It is for teachers to use as supplement material in their lessons.  The 2014 edition is 47 minutes long.  It includes 8 segments from Stossel's television programs that have been specifically edited to use in a class setting for children.

Here are the video segments on this year's free DVD:
- College Tuition and Campus Luxuries
- Product Liability Lawsuits: Who Gets Burned?
- High Speed Rail: Boondocks & Boondoggles
- The Fracking Debate
- Food Nannies: Who Decides What You Eat?
- Entrepreneurs: Doing Good by Doing Well
- The Psychology Behind Political Campaigns
- Taxi Licensing: Are We Being Taken for a Ride?

This DVD is competely FREE.  They even cover the shipping for you!  To order your free DVD or to get more information, including segment descriptions, click here:
I was just on the website to get the link to order the DVD and I realized that they now offer all of the video segments as streaming videos right on their website. Check it out HERE.  That means you don't even have to order the DVD anymore.  It's just all on the website and you can even see the segments from previous years as well.  You will surely find something here that can help you in your homeschool plans for the year.

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