2014 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

Don't let the summer "brain drain" get to your kids this year.  Keep their reading skills up and their imaginations growing by getting them excited about some of these fun summer reading programs just for kids.  Best of all they are FREE!

Barnes and Noble - Download the Imagination's Destination Reading Journal. Read any 8 books and record them in the Reading Journal. Bring the Reading Journal to Barnes and Noble and choose one FREE book from their special selection of books for kids.

Bob Jones University - Read for 40 days during the summer and track your progress on a reading log.  Kids will receive a prize just for completing their reading log but will also be entered to win more prizes from drawings.

Chuck E. Cheese -  Print the reading calendar from the Chuck E. Cheese website.  Read each day for 2 weeks and record it on your reading calendar.  Turn in the completed calendar and receive 10 free game tokens.

Half Price Books -  Print your reading log from the Half Price Books website.  Read for 15 minutes a day for the months of June and July.  Record your minutes on your reading log.  Once you've read for 300 minutes you can turn in your log to earn HPB Bookworm Bucks for each month.

Pizza Hut - From June 1 - August 15, kids can read 5 books and be entered to win prizes in random drawings.

Pottery Barn Kids -  Kids can read all of the recommended books from now until August 26th.  Turn in your reading log at your local PBK store and receive a free book as well as a chance to win a backpack full of books.

Scholastic - Kids read and log their minutes all summer to earn rewards and participate in setting a reading world record.

Sylvan - A free online reading program for kids in grades K-8.  Kids read then take quizzes and are awarded points based on how well they understood what they read.  Their points can then be traded in for cool prizes.

These are some great summer reading programs that will help get your kids reading throughout the summer.  But don't overlook a great resource right in your own community.  Public libraries all over the country offer some wonderful summer reading programs for kids so be sure to check them out!

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