A Southern Louisiana Tradition

As a transplant from South Louisiana, we still hold dear many of those traditions even though we live in the Lone Star state. One of those is Mardi Gras. And nothing says Mardi Gras better than an authentic King Cake. Every year, my dad ships us a REAL King Cake from back home. Oh, it's such a delight to find that special FedEx King Cake box at our front door! (Yes, FedEx makes a special box just for King Cakes.)

The cake that Dad sends is fun because it includes all of the icing and colored sugar crystals so you can decorate it yourself. Nicholas just loves this part of it.

Rachel had lots of fun with the Mardi Gras beads that came with the cake. She kept putting them on herself then taking them off and putting them on Daddy then taking them off and putting them on herself, etc, etc.

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