My Baby is 15 Months Old!

My little baby girl is 15 months old! The time has flown by even faster than Nicholas' first 15 months. It has been crazy around here this last year or so but I feel so blessed each and every day. Is there such a thing as Blessed Stress?

Rachel is doing great. She is 32 3/4 in tall (97th percentile) and she weighs 25 lbs, 3 oz (80th percentile). She's a little underweight for her height but you wouldn't know it by looking at that belly of hers!

She is on target for sign language and speech. She says about 10 words like

"Nigh Nigh" for night-night time
"Buhbay" for baby
"Die Die" for diaper
"Sah" for sock
"Tank Du" for thank you
"Ma" for more

She understands more than she says though. When you ask her a yes/no question, she will respond with a verbal no or she shakes her head up and down for yes.

She is fascinated with dogs and says "woof!" anytime she sees any kind of animal.

Rachel walks all the time now. I love the way she holds both arms up and stomps her feet down as she walks. I've captured this in pictures and video because I know she will soon master the art of walking and will no longer do it like this.

Rachel is very outspoken. She will grab your hand if you don't pay attention to her right away. If Nicholas is bothering her, she will lean over and fuss at him in her own little squeaks and grunts. If you ask her a question, her most likely response will be "NO" followed by a head shake. She is also quite good at pouting her lips and scowling up her face just to be sure you know when she is displeased.

She likes bath time as long as I'm not rinsing her hair. She has eight teeth and loves to try new foods. Her current favorites are strawberries, toast, turkey, and cheese. I love it when she wakes up in the morning or from nap time and I hear her calling "Mama" for me to come scoop her up out of her crib. She loves that I read to her before bedtime. She will pick up books and then pat on the glider for me to come read to her. She still sucks her thumb when she's falling asleep.

My baby girl finds new ways to bring me to exhaustion each day but she also finds new ways to melt my heart each and every day.

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