Finger Spacing

Today I noticed Nicholas using his finger to help him with spacing between words as he wrote.

I couldn't help but laugh because Grandmother C. was just recently talking about watching her boys do this same finger spacing and how painfully long it took to watch them write just one sentence. Oh, don't I know it! Nicholas is slow with writing and it still looks messy! But it is interesting because he still shows signs of being ambidextrous. He can write with either hand and after lots of handwriting comparisons I can't determine a dominant hand.


  1. That is awesome. I remember teaching my oldest that trick, and boy did it bring back memories.

    God bless

  2. That's so interesting he can write with both hands equally well! And ohhhhhh the labor of writing! It took Reese almost 30 minutes to write a 3 sentence story! I'm always so torn because when he can dictate a story, it's awesome and has all sorts of characters and plots, but if I want him to WRITE the story, it all gets lost in the actual mechanics of trying to spell the words right (his obsession, not mine!) and making the letters right.