Savor The Days

With our daughter due to be born soon, I think it's time to set up a family blog. I will miss posting to the Nicholas Footprints blog but this way I can post the adventures of both children in one place - which means I'm more likely to actually do it.

Parenthood is a challenge and sometimes it's hard to know if you are doing the right thing in the way that you are raising your children. A day with a child can sometimes feel like it's filled with nothing more than challenges such as testing limits, whining, or pouting. It can make for a very long and stressful day. I often have to remind myself of the following quote..."The days are long but the years are short." It is so true. The challenges of one stage of a child's development can make you so weary at the time that you can't wait for the child to move past that stage. And of course, this stage will soon become a memory as they grow and master new things in the world around them. As a parent, we sometimes look back on those times that used to seem so challenging and we find ourselves longing for those sweet days again when our children were so little.

Stuart and I have learned to savor each day for all the little blessings it brings. That's part of the reason for this blog - to capture and record the little things we do each day that bring joy and meaning to our lives (and of course, to let the grandparents get updates and recent pictures!). Although we often question ourselves as to whether we are saying the right thing or handling a situation in the best way possible, we have put our faith in God to provide us with the direction and tools that we need to raise our children with love and confidence. Parenthood is a remarkable gift to be cherished and embraced and we will savor each and every day of it.

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