Still Picking Out a Name

Ok, so our little girl will be born on Monday. It's Friday now. Do we have a name picked out yet? NO! We started with a pretty long list and we've narrowed it down to five names - Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, Heather, and Lauren. Yes, we still have a some work to do but we're slowly making progress.

Nicholas has decided that we should name her Heather. If we suggest one of the other names and makes an annoying buzzer sound and says, "NO!".

We like Heather. It's a pretty name and it isn't overused. Besides, we have some mexican heather growing outside our front door and the flower on it is of course purple which goes along well with Nicholas' original name for his little sister which was Purple Leaf.

However, we can't seem to come up with a middle name that flows well with Heather and our last name. We kind of like Heather Elizabeth but then her initials would be HEC as in "heck". I'm not so fond of that.

I personally love the name Rebecca but again I can't come up with a middle name that I like. Is Rebecca Elizabeth too long for a first and middle name? And although I like the name Rebecca, I wouldn't have chosen Becky for her name and you know that is what her nickname will be when she gets older.

We also like Rachel Elizabeth a lot.

Oh, decisions, decisions! It's so hard picking out a name that someone will have to be stuck with for the rest of their lives!

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