Settling Back In At Home

We're getting settled in at home with our new family of four. Rachel is doing great. The first night at home she was really fussy during the night and we couldn't seem to do anything to help calm her down. Poor Nicholas and Granddad probably didn't get much sleep either. She seems to have her days and nights mixed up so she sleeps all day then is awake more at night which means she wants to be fed more often. But each night has gotten a little better.

Stuart and Nicholas are great with Rachel. They are both as proud as can be. Stuart simply calls her "Angel" - and she is such a little blessing from Heaven.

We took Rachel for her first family outing - a walk around the block. Stuart and I took turns pushing her in the stroller while Granddad walked ahead with Nicholas who was riding his bicycle. It was nice for me to get outdoors again after being couped up in the hospital for so many days. However, I realized I wasn't going to be able to make it around the block so we had to turn around and head back home. But it was fun while it lasted.

Nicholas spent some time in the backyard today with Granddad and Daddy. He did his usual rounds of searching for bugs and worms by turning over stones in the yard. He even found a cool caterpillar to play with.

Stuart caught this picture of Nicholas picking some flowers for me. He was so proud to give the bouquet to me. I just love this little guy. He is so sweet and thoughtful of others even though he's only four years old.

Stuart and Nicholas spent the evening learning about fingerprints and how they can help detectives solve crimes. First Stuart took Nicholas' fingerprints to show him what they looked like. Nicholas especially enjoyed using the magnifying glass.

Next, they put their fingerprints on a glass and used the special crime lab fingerprint powder to highlight the fingerprint. They found that they could then use a piece of tape to collect the fingerprint off of the glass and transfer it to paper. What a cool experiment.

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  1. Hey, newborn babies don't throw the Chance family for a loop! They're right back in the mix, doing science experiments with finger prints and solving crimes. YOU GO! :)