New Horizons at the UNT Sky Theatre Planetarium

We had a great field trip the the Sky Theatre Planetarium on the University of North Texas campus in Denton.  We had never been there before so it was fun discovering a new place.  

We went with one of our homeschool groups so it was especially fun to watch the show with friends.  The show we saw is called New Horizons.  

Through the experience we got to visit the surface of each of the planets and some of their moons and learn about how each are unique in their own way.  The show was really great and we all learned something new.

After the show, our presenter gave us a tour of the night sky and taught us about constellations.

Outside the theater we studied models of the Mars Rover and the International Space Station.

The Sky Theater is located inside the Environmental Sciences building on the UNT campus.  We spent some time looking around at the exhibits and interactive stations.  Here Rachel used pedal power to light the attached bulb.  How fun!

Rachel also got to be on TV as she pretended to give a weather forecast.

There were turtles and tortoises to look at.  There were also several natural items on display such as these tree rings. 

There were also several puzzle stations.  Here you had to orient 6 blocks so that they fit flush to the top of the box.  I tried and tried but never got it.  My kids are clearly smarter than me because they both figured it out!

Nicholas also solved this challenge of fitting all of these nails on the head of one nail!

We had a good time a the planetarium and we hope to go back to see some of their other shows.  Since we went as a group, our admission was only $3.00 per person.  You also have to buy a $5 parking pass to park on campus.  Check out the website for more information.

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