A Girl's Day Out at Shen Yun

When I was little my mom often took me to plays and the symphony.  We would get all dressed up and have a fancy dinner before and then enjoy an amazing evening of culture and art.  Recently my mom heard about a traveling production called Shen Yun.  It tells stories of the ancient Chinese culture through music and Chinese dance with beautiful flowing costumes.  Mom thought Rachel would love it so she bought us tickets to attend.  Isn't that amazing?

Rachel talked about it for days before the show and kept reminding me of the countdown of days until we would go.  The day finally came and we got all dressed up.

The performance was at 1:00 but on our way we stopped at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas to have a fancy breakfast buffet.  Rachel kept talking about how fancy the hotel was and how she couldn't imagine staying at such a beautiful place.

The restaurant in the hotel is called Trevi's.  I had never been there before but I wanted a nice place to dine that was along our way to the Music Hall at Fair Park where Shen Yun was performing.  Trevi's turned out to be perfect for what I was looking for.

There was a wide selection of warm foods like oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, chorizo with eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, and two types of sausage.

Rachel loved all of the fresh fruit options for her pancake.

There was also a a wide choice of cold cereals and granola.  Rachel chose Fruit Loops!  I never buy them because they have a lot of sugar in them so it was a real treat for her to have some.

She was just dazed by how elegant her breakfast was and she loved being able to go back to the buffet for more yummy things.

I enjoyed a made to order omelette.  Rachel wants to be a chef someday so she enjoyed watching the chef make it right in front of us.

There was also a wide selection of pastries, bagels, and fresh bread along with several choices of toppings.  There were just too many choices to be able to try everything.  I guess we will have to come back sometime soon.

We made it the Music Hall at Fair Park and found our seats easily.  We were on the 5th row and Rachel just couldn't wait for the show to begin.

Photography of the show is not allowed.  It always makes me sad when performances say that because I wish I could share the beauty of the performance with you.  Needless to say, Rachel was in awe the whole time.  She loved it and would love to go back again next year.

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