Mom's Night Out Painting Party

We have a wonderful group of homeschool families that we enjoy spending time with.  We go on field trips together, hang out at the park each week, and occasionally have Mom's Night Outs where Dads watch the kids and Moms get to have some fun time together.

We recently had an amazing Mom's Night Out!  One of our mom friends teaches painting classes at Michael's craft store so for our get together she taught us how to paint a picture of flowers in a round vase.  It cost about $25 per person and she provided all of the supplies that we needed.  We met at a friend's house and everyone brought an appetizer or dessert so we had some yummy treats while we worked.

We were taught step-by-step how to recreate the sample painting at the front of the class.  Here is my painting in the beginning stages.

I was a little slow and fell behind in the steps so I just winged it a little and did my own thing for part of it.

It was fun to see how everyone's picture was unique and different even though we were all trying to recreate the same painting and all following the same steps.

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