Learn Multiplication with Times Alive {Review}

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I was asked to review the Times Alive online subscription from Times Tables the Fun Way.  I was excited to let my daughter Rachel try it.  She's 8 years old and just starting to learn her multiplication facts.  This seemed like a fun way to supplement her regular math curriculum.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

Times Alive teaches multiplication facts through online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way.  No boring flash cards to memorize here!  
Want to see what I mean?  Take a look at this sample video for learning the fact that 6x6=36.

Rachel enjoyed watching the silly stories and she didn't even realize that she was memorizing the math facts while she watched!  The stories are presented with a colorful video, words to the song, and the words read aloud.  This makes it great for students who are visual or auditory learners.  And with the words being read aloud, even a struggling reader can still learn from this program.

You can begin your student with a placement test to see how much they already know and where they need the most help.  This is also a neat way to go back and test what they have learned after completing the course.  

There are 18 lessons to work through and each lesson contains quizzes and reviews from previous lessons.  It's all presented in a fun way, just like the animated stories.  Here is a quiz asking the child to recall which silly story taught the facts for 7x7.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

Then the child tries to remember the story to solve the multiplication problem. They fill in the answer and then they can check their own score to see if they answered it correctly.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

It is recommended that a child use the program for 20 minutes a day or one session per day for a minimum of twice a week.  Your child might have so much fun with it though that they just want to keep going.  That's fine because they can go at their own pace.  A student could possibly complete this program in as little as a month.  But if they need more time than that, it is a monthly subscription so you can just extend it for as long as needed at $9.95 per month.

I only needed to use Times Alive for one of my children but if I wanted to use it for multiple children, I could.  I would just have each child assigned with their own log in and then they could each progress through the course at their own pace.  I would be able to track the progress for each of my children individually.  
Here is an example of the progress report.  It shows what the student has attempted, completed, skipped, and how they scored.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

We have enjoyed using Times Alive and while multiplication is still new for my 2nd grader, I can see that this program could also be used to help an older child who is still struggling to memorize their multiplication facts or even as a review.

To check out Times Alive for yourself, visit their webpage or Facebook page.

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Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

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