Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a nice Valentine's Day.  It started with a "heart-y" breakfast and finished up with a party and treats with friends.

I found this fun Valentine's Day food on Pinterest, of course!   Sausage hearts with Cupid's arrow. 

All you need are some Lil' Smokies sausages, cheese, and toothpicks.  Start with cooking the little sausages.

Then slice each sausage in the middle at an angle.  Turn the sausage pieces until they form a heart then skewer them with a toothpick to keep them in place.

Now just cut out an arrow tip and fletching from the cheese and put them on the ends of the toothpicks.  I made some for breakfast along with some scrambled eggs.  Later in the day, the kids made more so they could bring them to their Valentine's Day party.

The party was with some homeschool friends.  We added our treats to the buffet line.

The kids played several different Valentine's themed games.

Then they lined up their Valentine's bag or boxes on the tables.  Then each child went down the line putting candy or a treat in each person's bag.

Even the older boys had fun passing out treats.

Rachel and Nicholas received lots of sweet notes and candy to enjoy and plenty leftover to bring home.

Finally we got to dig into the food and it was all delicious.  All the moms worked hard to make the party a great success.

We might should have taken the group picture BEFORE we let the kids eat the candy that stained their lips blue!

Of course we had to take a silly-faced picture as well.

I love that we have such a wonderful group of homeschool friends and that we get together for parties and fun times every chance we get.  They are each a blessing in our lives.

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