Tinker Crate Drawbot {Save $10 on your first crate!}

Nicholas received his new Tinker Crate subscription in the mail.  Tinker Crate is an amazing hands-on project kit that is delivered each month.  The projects are based on science, technology and engineering.  

This month Nicholas will be making a Drawbot drawing robot!  How cool!

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Every month Tinker Crate sends him a box with all of the supplies needed except things like scissors.   This kit includes a bot base, battery pack, velcro strips, velcro coins, 2 AA batteries, sticky foam donuts, paper, markers, modeling clay, motor and bushings and gear.

He began the Drawbot assembly by making the motor.   This will bring the bot to life!

Next he began assembly of the bot body.  The instructions are always easy to follow and come complete with pictures for each step.  I like to watch him build his creations but he never lets me help him.  He likes doing these projects independently which makes me a proud mama, especially since he always does a great job of completing them correctly and rather quickly.

The Drawbot body is complete.  Once the motor is attached this little guy will draw on its own!

Presenting his own Tinker Crate Drawbot!

The Drawbot is so much fun to watch.  It bee bops around the big sheet of paper all on its own.

Nicholas learned to adjust the path and pattern of the Drawbot by changing the shape of the clay on the motor or by changing the position of the motor or battery pack or even by adjusting the height of the makers.

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Rachel gets the Kiwi Crates and Nicholas gets the Tinker Crates.  They both love finding their crates on the doorstep each month.  

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