Discover the Beauty of the Japanese Garden {Fort Worth}

The kids have been learning about Japan so we decided to take a family field trip to the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

The Dry Landscape Garden was interesting.  Rocks, sand, and simple patterns drawn in the sand. We never could figure out how the workers easily got into the garden to make the designs as there are no gates to get in.

Throughout the garden we found beautiful Japanese sculptures and statues.

There was even Japanese writing on the bathrooms to denote "men" and "women".

There are ponds throughout the garden and even feeding stations where you can buy pellets to feed the koi fish (bring LOTS of quarters!).  

The fish literally come right up to you if you have food in your hand!

They swarmed us as we fed them.  Some splashed hard and jumped on top of other fish.  It was so entertaining to watch!

Nicholas noticed a Red-Eared Slider Turtle while he was feeding the fish.

The scenery in the Japanese Garden is just breath-taking.  Ponds, bridges, waterfalls...

And of course, beautiful foliage everywhere.

And this little beauty was just taking it all in.

Nicholas found a shady spot on a rock under a tree.  It was a good spot for watching fish.

We loved the fun of the stepping stones over the water!

And no one got wet!

Everything is so green and beautiful here.  You can't help but feel tranquil.

The kids loved this little walkway in the water.  They could bend over and just touch the fish with their bare hands.

Nicholas was just in love with the fish and he fed them and touched them any chance he got.  Stuart thought it would be funny to sneak up and startle Nicholas while he was mesmerized by the fish!

Rachel liked the Japanese Teahouse and wished that we could actually go in and enjoy some Japanese tea.

It is August and although there is green all around us we did find a few hints of fall in the trees.  I just know this place will be gorgeous when in full fall colors!

Nicholas, our photographer-in-training, caught a picture of Stuart and me on the bridge.  I love this picture!

We found many little creatures to study in the garden.  Nicholas found this Eyed Click Bug.  It has big fake eyes to scare away predators but also makes a funny clicking sound when it gets flipped over on its back.  So interesting!

And of course, if there is a lizard around, Nicholas must catch it.  He loves these little Anoles.

Rachel enjoyed exploring the garden.  She loved the bridges, looking at leaves, and finding birds in the trees.

Nicholas never got tired of those fish.  He would sit quietly in one spot for 20 minutes just watching them and trying to pet them.  I think we need a little koi pond in our backyard!

About the Japanese Garden: The Japanese Garden is part of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, located at 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth.  Entrance to the Japanese Garden is $5 adults and $3 for children ages 4-12, children 3 and under are free.  For more information, please visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden website or visit them on Facebook.

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