Little Passports: Egypt

The kids both have fun with their monthly subscriptions to Little Passports.  I'm so excited that this month's package was on Egypt which they are studying right now in their Tapestry of Grace program!  

Here are all of the goodies they received:

We always start with reading aloud the letter from Sam and Sofia, two imaginary kids who travel the world and send letters, games, activities, and passport stickers to my kids each month.

Then each kiddo finds the location on their world map.

Nicholas placed his sticker right on the delta of the Nile River.

They learned about hieroglyphics and used the translator key to interpret some words.

I love that they have fun together with Little Passports.  The activities are quick and easy for Nicholas but he hasn't had much exposure to geography so he enjoys it.

Next they worked on a word scramble of cities and countries around Egypt.  It is a great way to get them looking more closely at their map.  They are "learning while doing".

I always make them save the activity for the end.  This month it is a dig kit!!  They each got a pyramid that has a hidden treasure in it that they have to excavate!

We took this project outside because I knew it would produce a lot of dust.  But oh how fun!

They got so excited when they chipped away a piece of pyramid and found a little piece of something hidden inside!

I use small cookie trays for projects like this because it makes clean up a breeze!  They each have their own.  I bought them at the dollar store and they are only used for projects, never food.

They both excavated a gold mummy from their pyramid!

Little Passports offers three programs.  Early Explorers for ages 3-5, World Edition for ages 6-10, and USA Edition for ages 7-12.  You can choose a monthly plan, 6 month plan, or 12 month plan.  

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