Come Along on a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament at the Dallas Castle!

We went to Medieval Times for a dinner and tournament show at the Dallas castle!  Stuart and Nicholas have been before when my brother came to visit but Rachel was sick at the time so the two of us had to stay home.  I'm so excited to finally get to go!

The kids were pretty excited too!  They even dressed the part of a knight and princess!

While we waited in the Hall of Arms for the show to begin, we got to spend some time talking with the Falconer.

Rachel did some window shopping.  She loved the beautiful colored glass balls in the case.

We finally got to enter the arena.  We had seats on the first row which was really awesome.  It costs us a little more to upgrade to those seats but it was worth it.

My handsome king and prince.  We were seated in the black and white knight's section so we were given the appropriately colored crowns.  We cheered for our knight to win!

The showmanship of the event was just amazing!  It was really impressive to watch.

And the horses were beautiful and so well trained.

They literally danced for us!  Oh it just made me giddy to watch!

The food was wonderful too!  We are taken back to medieval times so we were not given any silverware to eat with.  But that didn't slow any of us down!  

There was a delicious soup that we sopped up with some bread or just drank straight from the bowl.  Then we were given a perfectly roasted half of a chicken and a baked potato.  There were also plenty of napkins and wet wipes handed out!

When it is time for the tournament to begin, a safety net drops down separating the arena from the audience.  I guess this is just to protect the crowd in a case a shield or sword slips from a knight's hands.

The action was very physical and looked so realistic!  I was on the edge of my seat as we watched our knight battle.  

Yes!  I was hoping to catch a picture of the sparks from a sword fight.  So cool looking!

It was fun watching the kids during the show but even Daddy got into the cheering!

Hooray for the black and white knight!

After the tournament, our knight rode up to our section as we cheered for him.  He had a few flowers that he kissed and then tossed into the crowd.

Our little princess was just delighted that he tossed one right to her!

Medieval Times is a wonderful family friendly place in Dallas.  Kids love the show and they get to experience a piece of history while they are there.  There is even a educational section on the Medieval Times website to help you learn a little more about this exciting time.  Everyone in the show is so friendly and they all go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Medieval Times is located at 2021 N. Stemmons, Dallas, Texas 75207.  Ticket prices for the dinner and tournament are $60.95 for adults, $36.95 for children 12 years old and under.  Lap children under age 3 are free.  Upgrade packages are available.  I highly recommend that you join the Medieval Times newsletter because they often offer some amazing deals on tickets to their newsletter subscribers.  Also, be sure to follow them at Medieval Times on Facebook where they often have opportunities to win FREE tickets to the show!  For more information, please call 1-866-543-9637 or visit the Medieval Times Dallas website at

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