My Brother Loves Me

The kids love to get into my craft supplies and office supplies.  I can never find anything anymore and when I need something it is certainly all used up.  I grumble about it sometimes but I usually don't fuss to the kids because I love how creative they get when they find new materials to work with.

For example, Nicholas was recently playing with my label maker.  Actually he was using my old label maker with the broken screen because my newer label maker is out of tape (can you guess why?).  Just look at the wonderful sticker he made for his sister to wear!

Oh how this melts my heart!

I love that homeschooling lets my two children get to spend most of their school days together.  It can make things challenging at time but in the end they are truly growing up together, learning together, and growing stronger bonds than they ever would have it they were in separate classes in public school.

Siblings are the one friend you don't have any say in choosing.  But God has chosen that lifelong friend for you and what could be more awesome than that!

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