Happy Birthday Rachel!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

I can't believe my baby girl is 5 years old today.

It was late last night when I finished wrapping presents and got around to decorating.

Rachel woke up to birthday banners around the room and balloons on the floor.

We had a quick breakfast so we could get to church but that didn't slow down the birthday celebrations at the table.

One happy girl!

After church Rachel dove into opening presents.  She had presents from us and grandparents and just couldn't wait another moment to open them!

She got the new Skylanders Swap Force game which is really a joint present because Nicholas was more excited just as excited as Rachel to see it unwrapped.

She got an outfit for her new American Girl doll that Grandmother C. gave her.

And yes, I gave the most unusual present for a 5 year old....a trash can!  But it was Hello Kitty and it matches her new Hello Kitty comforter that she also got.  And it made for a storage bin to hold a ton of Hello Kitty stickers and art supplies that she was very excited about.

Although all of the gifts from us were from Mommy, Daddy, and Nicholas, Nicholas still felt like he needed to give Rachel his own gift.  So he wrapped up his Playmobil queen and a few accessories and gave it to her.  They love playing with Playmobil together so this was a special gift.

 We asked Rachel what she thought this present was.  She was so cute and said, "I have no idea!"

Who knew that she would be so excited about a used Princess toy laptop game that I bought at Once Upon A Child consignment store!  We had been there shopping for clothes and she saw this and fell in love with it.  It plays a few educational games but it isn't nearly as nice as the games on her tablet.  But she loved it so as I bought the clothes, I asked the store clerk to ring this up as well and she did a great job of hiding it among the clothes in the bag so Rachel never saw me get it. 

After lunch we headed to Aqua Kids for her birthday party.  Although we have a pool, it is now too chilly outside for swimming so we are glad that we could use their indoor heated pool for the party.  She and her friends had the whole pool and slides to themselves.  

Everyone seemed to have a great time splashing away!

She had friends from archery, Community Bible Study, dance class, and even a long lost friend from Montessori preschool days.

The two lifeguards were awesome!  They were both in the pool playing with the kids.  Here they are each holding one kid and letting them kick splash the other!

The lifeguards even used their rescue floaties to pull the girls around the pool.  Oh how they loved that!

Rachel said it was the best party ever!

They swam for about an hour and 15 minutes then dried off for the birthday celebration.

Rachel did not like everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her and she slumped down in her chair!

It didn't look like an intimidating group to me but she stayed down in her chair until they were all done singing to her!

Of course, once it was time to eat cupcakes and ice cream, she popped right back up!

More presents!

She got a couple of fun games and I know we'll have fun with them on family game nights.

This is a sweet friend that Rachel has known since she was at Montessori.  It was her first real friend.  They haven't seen each other in about a year but Rachel said she just had to be invited to her party.  I wasn't sure that the little girl would even remember Rachel but her mom said she was so excited to get to see Rachel again that they even changed some plans to allow her to come to the party.

Happy Birthday Rachel!  You are such a blessing and joy in our lives.

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