The glimmer of gold is in sight

Last night both kids went to the children's archery league at Cinnamon Creek Ranch. Rachel did well at times with several 4's but many times her arrows didn't even hit her target. It's been a few weeks since she has shot her bow and has definitely gotten a little rusty.

However, Nicholas has been doing very well. He has gotten many bronze medals and a couple of silver medals. The way the system works is their scores are added over two sessions. There is a master list that shows the scores required for each medal based on different types of bows. So the kids are only competing against their own best scores and not each other.

Last week, Nicholas had a phenomenal night and was well situated to get a gold medal last night. Unfortunately he scored a 146 and he needed a 150 to get gold. He was a little sad when he realized his total score but he should be quite proud. 146 is his new highest score. His previous highest score was a 137. With a little more practice and another round of competitions, he could definitely be getting a gold medal soon.

But for now he is happy about his new silver medal.

Congratulations Nicholas!

Last night's turn out was rather light. Usually there are twice as many kids up there with medals. But it was probably due to it being a Labor Day holiday.

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