Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Reading Program

Be sure to sign up your homeschool students for the 2013-2014 BOOK IT! Reading Program from Pizza Hut! The program offers some rewards (free pizza!) for kids to encourage them to read. Best of all, the program is completely FREE!

BOOK IT! is available for public, private, and homeschools. It is a six-month reading incentive program. Technically, the deadline to enter was September 1st but they will continue to take new enrollments "while supplies last". With BOOK IT!, you help your kids set reading goals for each month. Print out some of the fun BOOK IT! tracking calendars and encourage your kids to start reading. It is a 6 month program so kids will track their reading progress from October - March. I love that they get rewards each month that they meet their reading goal so they get an immediate reward for their reading. Pre-readers can still participate with a parent reading to them.

Have fun reading!

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