Mommy-Daughter Day Out at Let's Pretend Tea Parties

I took my little princess to Let's Pretend Tea Parties for a special Mommy-Daughter outing.  She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the special treatment as she picked out the perfect costume, got a mini-makeover, and had a delightful tea party complete with cupcakes and princess tea!

We were enchanted by the over-the-top girly tea room decorated all in pink.  It is so adorable!

Dress Up

Rachel got to pick out a costume from a huge selection of dresses, super heroes, and more.  She had so much fun! 

She finally chose a sweet lavender princess dress, a necklace, and a magic wand.  I was amazed but there was even a selection of adult costumes and I found a matching lavender dress.  We went into the changing room and emerged as princesses!  

Next, Rachel was treated to a special princess makeover.  She got her hair styled in an up-do complete with a princess tiara comb.  She felt so special!

Then she got to choose which color nail polish she wanted for her manicure.  She loves wearing nail polish!

Sweet princess!

Tea Party

Oh, and then it was time for the tea party!  We had had so much fun dressing up that we had completely forgotten about the tea party!

Rachel had a hard time choosing which of the beautiful cupcakes she wanted.  They all looked delicious!

She finally decided on the chocolate cupcake.  You can't go wrong with chocolate, right?

We were also served a delicious raspberry princess tea to go with our cupcakes.

Check out the sass on that little one!  She certainly thinks she is a princess!

I caught her looking at herself in the mirror!  She felt so special and was so happy playing dress up.

Rachel hasn't had eye shadow on so she was trying to get a look at it in the mirror.  She was cute because she kept opening both eyes too wide to be able to see her eyelid or else she closed both eyes.  She couldn't seem to figure out how to keep one eyelid open while closing the she just held one eyelid closed with her finger!

For a dreamy treat with your little girl, you've got to check out Let's Pretend Tea Parties.  They are located at 317 Jenkins Street in Grapevine (just behind the gazebo on Main St.).  They are open Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 5:00, Saturday 10:00 - 6:00, and Sunday 12:00 - 4:00, closed Mondays.  Walk ins are welcome for a small tea party Tuesday - Thursday from 10:30 - 5:00.  Please call them at 817-421-6678 to make reservations for some of their more involved parties.  For more information, check out the Let's Pretend Tea Parties website.  You can also follow Let's Pretend Tea Parties on Facebook.

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