Couples by the Creek at Cinnamon Creek Ranch

Every month, Cinnamon Creek Ranch hosts a special event called Couples by the Creek.  It is an event just for couples so we get either a babysitter or use Adventure Kids to watch the little ones.  Cinnamon Creek organizes archery games for the couples so it is a fun way to meet other archers.  They provide wonderful appetizers for us while we shoot and then an incredible meal and dessert to finish out the night.

I usually don't have problems with this but my bow string snapped my arm pretty badly and I already have a big bruise.  I know from experience that this will get bigger and uglier tomorrow and will probably be there for the next week.  What a romantic date night, right?

Stuart is really good at archery and it was fun to see him competing with some of the other guys as they moved back to the 30 yard line.  

We headed outside to the pavillon for dinner. Cinnamon Creek Ranch owns its own meat processing plant and the owner has restaurant/catering experience so the meals are always great.   It was hard waiting for the meat to be done because the smells were just incredibly good!

Dinner included jambalaya, smoked axis deer, grilled vegetables, and a rich potato salad.  What a wonderful date night!

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