Community Helpers: Fire Fighters

Today for preschool, I talked to Rachel about fire safety and fire fighters as community helpers.  

Outside, I used colored chalk to make some fires on the sidewalk.  I let Rachel play the role of the fire fighter who had to put out the fires with water from a squirt bottle.  

What kid doesn't love playing with a squirt bottle?!

I loved watching her at work.  

She put out all five fires.  Yay, Rachel!  You saved the day! 

She quickly realized that the wet chalk could be smeared around and could decorate her hand.

Finally, we played hopscotch on the fires.

As we were heading back inside, she was drawn to one of my rose bushes in the front yard.

She absolutely loves flowers and she enjoys checking on my flowers, smelling them...and occasionally pulling off their petals.

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