Baskets and Eggs

The Easter Bunny came this morning!  Both kids seemed to think that they knew exactly where they would find their baskets this morning.  I guess the Easter Bunny heard them because they were a little harder to find than expected.

They were both excited about their goodies which each included a small LEGO set, Easter toys, and a few pieces of candy.

Later we colored Easter eggs.

Rachel was fascinated with the basic dye.

Then I pulled out a special kit I bought that created colorful textured eggs.  It included some glue and packages of different colored sand.  


Nicholas painted the glue on then placed the egg in a cup that contained the colored sand.

The sand stuck to the glue and really did look neat.  Rachel got into it too but she preferred to sprinkle the sand on her egg rather than roll it around in a cup.

Once we had dyed all the eggs we were going to dye, Nicholas asked if he could combine the colors.  

Of course he knew he would get a dark sludgy color....and he did!

Rachel laughed at his antics but she was quickly back to her egg work.

Every one of them was a little masterpiece.

This one was my favorite of all her eggs.  I just like the way the pink and yellow blend and then the yellow and green blend.  It looks cool!

She sprinkled sand on every one of her eggs and sometimes added sand on top of sand just to see if she could make them even more beautiful.

Our little artist at work!

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