Shopping During Quarantine

With everyone worried about coronavirus, people have been stocking up on essentials and it is hard finding basic things.  Here is the meat section.

Canned goods aren't much better.  Nicholas just couldn't believe it.

And of course, no paper products could be found.  No paper towels or toilet paper.  Fortunately I went to Costco just a couple of weeks ago and bought a case of each as part of our regular shopping so we are good on both of those for a while.

Not much in the frozen food section either.

But the beer section is well stocked.

Ironically, Corona beer has quite a strong presence here.

Vitamins and supplements are also hard to find.  Fortunately I stocked up on Vitamin C at the first concern of coronavirus so I think we are set there.  Vitamin C provides a great boost for the immune system and since it is helpful in preventing colds and flu then it just makes sense that it will help prevent us from getting coronavirus.

We are trying to stay home as much as we can.  Unfortunately, our clothes washer is leaking and can't be fixed so we had to venture out to Nebraska Furniture Mart for a new one.  Thankfully they are still open because they provide home appliances which are considered essential.  However, the parking lot is usually packed and it was eerie to see it so empty.  We got in and out pretty quickly but I was still a little worried about being too close to people and touching anything.  I am constantly using hand sanitizer these days.

It is weird seeing all of the parking lots everywhere so empty.  Restaurants, malls, etc.  However, as I was driving though one empty strip mall I couldn't help but notice a gathering of cars in one corner.  An usual sighting these days, for sure.

It was a liquor store.  Only essential stores are allowed to be open but maybe a little alcohol is essential to get through these crazy days ahead.

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