House Hunt

We have been needing a slightly larger house and we would like to have one story.  I like things about our two story house but it isn't always convenient.  As we watch our parents age, we also realize that as we get older our joints aren't going to enjoy going up and down those stairs everyday.  We have been casually looking for a house for sale and with some money in savings we finally talked to a realtor friend of ours about going to look at a few. 

This is the house I fell in love with.  It is newer than our house and it is one story.  It is in a nice neighborhood.  It has a pool similar to our current one and larger bedrooms which is what we really wanted.  Stuart and our agent arrived at the house a little before I did so they had already toured it.  Stuart was so right when he came up to me as I arrived and said I would love this feature.  

It has an office area attached to the back of the bedroom and half of the room is just windows.  I love windows because they let in natural sunlight which just makes me happy.

I seriously would have made an offer on this house right then but with the news of coronavirus spreading and things shutting down and the uneasiness of what the economy and Stuart's job standing might be we decided to let it go.  We didn't shop for houses after that.

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