Quarantine Projects

With the JCPenney headquarters closed, Stuart has been working from home.  Businesses are closing and activities are getting cancelled.  Everyone is encouraged to stay at home, if possible. Although it is a scary time, we are enjoying the extra time together at home.  

We have played board games together.  Catan is our current favorite.

Stuart and Nicholas have installed recessed lighting in the living room and in Nicholas' room.  Here are pictures from the living room projects.

I have been cleaning out clutter.  I found this 3-ring binder that I made when we first got married.  It has tons of recipes that I cut out of magazines and glued onto paper.  I had it sort of organized by appetizer, salad, entree, dessert.  I don't look at it anymore since I usually just search online when I want a recipe.  It was kind of sad to throw it out but afterwards it felt good to make space.

The kids are both taking individual music lessons and those have been moved to online lessons.  Nicholas is also in a rock band through the music school and they have tried to meet online but it is hard for everyone to play their instruments together when there are internet delays.

Our church is closed but they are broadcasting the services online.  It is so unnerving that things are closing and that we can't even get together to worship.  But our church did a great job of pulling together the online service so quickly.  They have some response questions at the end so that we can discuss our responses together as a family.  

With so many things closed down, there are a lot more opportunities being offered for watching online plays, operas, virtual museum tours, art classes, etc.  The kids have already taken a few online classes for fun and there are so many more that I'd like to sign them up for.  Rachel just finished an online class in watercolor painting.

It is a scary time but we are going to make the best of our time together at home.  We will have more time to relax, learn, and pray together.  Those are all good things.

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