Blessing Teachers at Christmas {Volunteer Opportunities for Kids}

One of our recent volunteer opportunities was through Valley Creek Church's Next Steps Center.  The Next Steps Center has partnered with a local public school and we have let them know that we are here to help the school, its teachers, and students, in anyway we can.  As one way to serve them, the Next Steps Center recently hosted a Christmas party for the teachers and staff of the school.  The more we can love on the teachers the more they are filled and nourished to love on the children.

Rachel and I volunteered as greeters for the party.  We smiled and welcomed everyone in.  Rachel did such a great job!  Everyone that came in was so nice and friendly.  We even saw our previous next door neighbor whom we love dearly.  I knew she was a teacher in LISD but she was at a different school the last time we talked to her so it was such a surprise to see her!

The party was a success.  They had delicious food and a fun auction.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

As guests began to leave, we were told to bless each of them with a candy filled apple and a copy of our pastor's amazing book, Follow the Cloud.

Tied to each book was a special invitation to attend our Christmas services.  I do pray that this reached some of those sweet teachers and they are able to come to one of our services.

Rachel and I enjoyed our time with our fellow Next Steps Center volunteers as well as the teachers from the school.  Serving others has been such a blessing for us during this Christmas season and I love finding ways to serve alongside my children.

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