First Day of School 2017-2018 (Candy Card)

We have always tried to make the first day back to homeschooling an exciting time.  When they were younger we had a Back to School Book Hunt.  A couple of years ago they really enjoyed watching the show Race To Escape so we had our own Race to Escape: Back to School Edition.  

This year I took the easy way out and just bought them a bunch of candy!  Seriously!  They saw the big bag of candy a week before school started.  They know I rarely buy candy so they tried to guess what I was doing.   Hee hee!  What fun Stuart and I had making these Back To School Candy Cards!  They each got the same wording and candy on their card.

Back to School Candy Card

In case you can't read it well, here is the wording on the card.  The candy names are in parentheses.  

Welcome to 3rd grade!  We hope you have an {Extra} great year.  Don't be a {Goober}.  Take your education seriously so you don't end up a {Dum-Dum}.  You will never become a successful {Whatchmacallit} like that.  Reading {Mounds} of books will set your possibilities to the ends of the {Milky Way} and Mom and Dad's teaching will prove to be {Life Savers} some day.  Don't wait until it is {Crunch} time like an {Air Head}.  Work hard every day like {Smarties} and you will {Skor} big in life.  We love you!  
Hugs and {Kisses}, 
Mom and Dad

Rachel sat down at the school table and just stared at the card for a minute then she finally got a big smile on her face when she realized what it was.

Nicholas was a little more excited from the get-go and he laughed aloud as he read it.

We have a lot going on this year with school work, a new homeschool co-op, and extra curricular activities.  But I know it is going to be an amazing year!  We will be continuing with Tapestry of Grace.  We are on Year 3 which is a study of the nineteenth century.  Stuart is teaching math to both kids with Math U See before he goes to work in the mornings.  We use Apologia for science, Institute for Excellence in Writing, EPS for their Wordly Wise and Vocabulary for Classical Roots programs, just to name a few.

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