Chimney the Elf

We have a little Christmas elf that visits us every year.  His name is Chimney.  Nicholas named him that many, many years ago.  Chimney appears as soon as the Christmas tree is decorated.  He has fun watching the crazy things we do around here and he flies back to Santa each night to give him gift ideas for the kids.  By the time the kids wake up the next morning, Chimney has returned and has perched himself in a new spot in the house.  Rachel adores looking for Chimney each morning!

She left him some chocolate pie before she went to bed.  Chimney happily polished it off and even left little mitten prints on the plate and napkin.

Chimney must like baby tomatoes because we found him hiding in the tomato plants of our Aerogarden!

One night Rachel was sick so Chimney rested on a tissue paper flower on top of her bookcase so he could watch over her.

As we read about the Jesse Tree, Chimney has often listened in.  One time we found him visiting Baby Jesus in our nativity scene.

Does he realize that we can totally see him hiding in that vase?

Where will Chimney hide next?

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