Hall's Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine

I love Fall and all the fun pumpkin patches that pop up around our area!  Today we checked out Hall's Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine.  We've never been there before but the kids had a great time.

Admission is FREE.  However, you can buy tickets for the corn maze or hayrides.

Look at this adorable little scarecrow I found!

Of course there are lots of pumpkins and gourds everywhere.  I always love the more unique and bumpy ones.

I think this was the kids' favorite pumpkin though!

There were at least 2 old tractors to climb on.  My kids had fun exploring these.

I got him to stay still long enough for a few good poses!

I love this picture of my babies!

More pumpkins!

Rachel asked me to get a picture of her in front of these flowers.  She is such a cute little blossom herself!

Admission to the corn maze was $5.00 per person.  It seems a bit pricey but this is a maze like I haven't seen before.  

It's about 2 acres of twists and turns through 9 foot tall corn stalks!

There are lots of different paths to take but only one will lead you to the exit. 

Which way should we go???

Nope, not this way!  Dead end!

After about 20 minutes we finally found our way out of the maze.  It was definitely fun for us all.

Of course the kids had to climb on this old truck we saw.  I love the colors on it - turquoise and a rusty patina.  My favorites!

I love Rachel's expression as Nicholas pretended to drive the truck!  She's such a silly girl!

Oh no!  Watch out!  The seven year old is behind the wheel now!

Nicholas made a Ninja Warrior obstacle course out of the old tires buried in the ground.

But then we saw the sign that said the tires were just for the "Little Ones" to play on.  Rachel liked that idea.

There are wagons if you want to pick out some pumpkins to purchase.  Rachel liked this one.

Oh wait, maybe these pumpkins are even better!  Nicholas enjoyed piling pumpkins up all around her for this picture.  It was all his idea!

I don't know how much longer I can get Nicholas to pose in cute cut outs like this but for now he's still agreeable.  They are so cute!

The petting farm was a bit hit.  Nicholas spend most of his time with this cute little black piglet.

There were also llamas, chickens, and several goats to play with.

We decided to take a hayride before we left.  They cost $5.00 a person.

The hayride stopped at some cows and we all got off to feed them.

The cows obviously know this routine because they quickly lined up along the fence line to be fed!

The hayride driver gave us all slices of bread to feed the cows.  I didn't know that they would really like eating bread but they went after those slices heartily.

Here is a video of Nicholas feeding this big guy!

And even Rachel fed them.

Next we got back on the hay ride and continued around the property.

Our next stop was at the donkeys!  We were given little pellets to feed them.

We were told to just put the pellet in our hand and hold our hand flat as we fed the donkeys.  Look at the teeth on this guy!  I can see why you wouldn't want to just hold the food for him and take a chance that he bites your finger!

We were told that these donkeys are more than well fed but they sure tried to give a pitiful face as if asking for more food!

The Hall's Pumpkin Farm is located at 3420 Hall Johnson Road in Grapevine.  Admission is free but you will need cash if you want to explore the corn maze or hayride.  Check them out on Facebook or the Hall Pumpkin Farm website.

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