Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

We are starting the morning off with some fun science using this Fizzy Foamy Science Kit (affiliate link) by Scientific Explorer.  It comes with supplies and equipment for 7 cool experiments including oil, citric acid, yeast, baking soda, cups, bag, measuring spoon, magnifier, and color tablets.  I love that I didn't have to run around buying all of the supplies! 

They have completed several of the experiments already.  This one I captured on video is where they were testing how citric acid responded different when added to cold water vs hot water.

They enjoyed making lots of foamy messes.  Fortunately I keep several of these little baking trays from Dollar Tree on hand for such a time as this.

The kit is recommended for ages 4 and up.  The instructions for the experiments are easy to understand and my kids were able to complete them entirely on their own but I was present to supervise.  There is even a log in the instruction guide where they could record their experiment results.

My kids loved this kit.  It entertained them while they learned and then they even expanded on the ideas in this kit to create new experiments of their own.

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