Bye-Bye Braces (for now)

Nicholas got his braces off today!  Here is his picture before we went in to the orthodontist's office this morning....

And here is the final result!  He is so excited.  He immediately asked to get some popcorn and bubble gum since he couldn't have those while he had the braces.

Unfortunately, this is only the end of Round 1.  There will be a Round 2 once the rest of his permanent teeth have come in. 

He also has a wayward permanent tooth that isn't coming down into its proper spot.  It can be seen on the xrays and it is possibly at too much of an angle to make its way down.  He may end up having to see an oral surgeon to fix this problem but for now we are going to give it a little more time and see if it figures out its rightful place in his mouth.

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