Halloween 2015

We had a great Halloween!  Rachel was a Candy Corn, Nicholas was a Star Wars sith guy, and I was my usual witchy self.

We don't usually put out much in the way of decorations for Halloween but this year we happened to see some cute inflatables at Wal-Mart for $14 each so I let each of the kids pick one out.  Nicholas got the giant purple spider in the picture above.  Rachel loves cats so she picked the cat jumping out of a pumpkin.  They light up too so they look really cute at night.

We had fun walking around the neighborhood with our friends.  Stuart and I both go out with the kids because Nicholas and his friends are usually faster and want to go farther than Rachel and her friends do so Stuart stays with Nicholas and I stay with Rachel.

I was sad that Nicholas was considering not going out for trick or treating this year.  As exciting it is to see the incredible young man he is growing up to be, it still pulls at my heart strings a little to see him slowly leaving bits of his childhood behind as he grows up.  But I think after talking to his friends, who were all going trick or treating, he decided to wait until next year to stay home.  Watch out then because he plans to scare all the kids that come to our door!

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