Christmas Ornaments {Color Me Mine}

We had a fun day on a field trip with the Coppell Home School Association.  The kids painted Christmas ornaments at Color Me Mine in Highland Village.  Color Me Mine is a fun studio where you choose a pottery piece to paint then they glaze and fire it for you.

Each child chose two ornaments from about 20 different choices.  There were stockings, Christmas trees, stars, angels, and lots of animals to choose from.  Next they chose the colors they wanted to use.  So many choices!

The colors can be tricky because as you can see from the picture below, the color you see when you paint it on your pottery piece is a little misleading for what it will look like after glazing and firing.  It is also tricky if two colors overlap each other because they just won't turn out quite like you expected.

Nicholas sat down at a table with a friend of his and they quietly painted their ornaments.

He was very absorbed in his work.  He painted a penguin and a moose.

Rachel got to work on her ornaments too.  She chose a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree.

There was a big table to girls and chatting and painting together.  What a fun little group they are!

Notice Rachel's pink eyelids?  I did not notice them before we left the house.  I asked her what she put on her eyelids?  She told me - lip gloss!  I tried to clean her up but she insisted in her Rachel way, "It's fine!  It's fine!  I like it that way!".  I had to explain that she shouldn't use lip gloss on her eyes because it isn't going to feel good if it gets into her eyes.  But she's 7 and she knows best, right?!

I love that we get to go on fun field trips like this with such wonderful friends!

Here are the completed ornaments.

It's only November and I'm already in the Christmas spirit.  I can't wait to hang these on our Christmas tree!

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