Slip N Slide Fun

It was a beautiful day today so we spent most of it in the backyard.  I was restaining our back deck while the kids played on the Slip N Slide.  Nicholas has his technique down pat.

Rachel doesn't want to make a running leap onto her tummy so she tried several different ways to slide.

They played on the Slip N Slide for an hour or two then they pulled out the hose and just sprayed it in the air, they pushed each other around in the wheelbarrow and then decided to just fill it up with water to make their own personal pool.  I gave them some Flavor Ice popsicles and they set up their umbrella and cooled off in their "wheelbarrow chair".

I love the unstructured days of summer when kids can just play and create fun new ways to use regular things around the house.  No "I'm bored" comments here!  

....And no video games or TV were used in the making of this awesome day!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like an awesome day! :)

    They have little boogie board type things at the Dollar Tree that might make for a softer landing.