Measuring Length with Paper Clips

In Math, Rachel is learning about measurement.  Today we measured things around the house with a chain of paper clips.  As you can see her pencil is 6 paper clips long.

We talked about how this wasn't a very specific way to measure something because it was hard to identify how long something was if its length fell in the middle of a paper clip.

Then I showed her that I had three different sizes of paper clips.  We measured things with all three sizes of paper clips to show that they all measured the items at different lengths.  She thought that was funny!

It was easy then to talk about why it is important to have standard units of measurements so everyone knows exactly what the other person really means when they say something is a specific length.  We talked about why it was important to have specific measurements especially when cutting boards to build a house, getting your weight at a doctor's office, measuring ingredients for a recipe, etc.

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