Audition for Narnia at the ACT Theatre

After a nice break, it is time to ramp back up and settle into our second home for the next couple of months at the ACT Theatre as we work on their upcoming performance - NARNIA!

In the fall, Stuart and Nicholas finished the 768 page book of the complete Chronicles of Narnia. It was one huge book that included all 7 novels in the ever popular series by C.S. Lewis. When Nicholas first considered auditioning at the ACT and we looked at their upcoming season, he was thrilled to see that they would be producing Narnia and he loved the thought of participating in it. We expect that the show will specifically be about the most popular book in the series, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Unlike his first audition in the fall for Willy Wonka Jr. (see it HERE), we actually knew what to expect this time around and helped him prepare. Well, sort of. We started practicing yesterday, the day before the audition!

Many years ago, Grandmother C. introduced Nicholas to the beautiful poem by Robert Frost, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. Nicholas enjoys watching this video of Robert Frost reading the poem himself. We looked at several ideas for a monologue for Nicholas to use for his audition but once he thought of this poem, he knew this is what he wanted to read. I'm sure Mr. Frost would have appreciated the Green Lantern pajamas.

Nicholas seemed stuck when it came to picking out a song for the audition so he picked his favorite song from the last show he was in, Willy Wonka, Jr. The song is called, "There's No Knowing" and it is from one of the crazier scenes in the show (but one of my favorites!)

At the previous audition for Willy Wonka, Jr., the kids were brought into the theatre in groups of 5 at a time and the parents were allowed to sit in the theater and watch. But there is a different guest director for Narnia and she asked that the parents not sit in on the audition to ensure that the kids are not distracted by mom and dad. Boo! But Stuart *ahem* coincidentally needed to go upstairs to find his buddy in the sound room just about the time that Nicholas was auditioning. Therefore, we have a bootlegged video of his audition. It is not a good quality but it's all we got.

He did great! He was so nervous and this was only his second audition, but we can see a dramatic improvement over his first audition!

Call backs will be Tuesday and the final cast list will be posted on the ACT's website Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. He has a few characters in mind that he would like to be but we are just hoping he at least gets a character that has a line or two.


  1. Hi Kim, I found you on and love the activities you have posted. Is there a way I can reach you via email about the possibility of you providing content for a new online platform offering challenges for kids? Thanks! Jennifer Klepper

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the comment. You can reach me at kim(at)kimberlychance(dot)com. I look forward to hearing from you! Kim