School Book Hunt!

Tomorrow is the first day of school so we had our school book hunt tonight.  

Last year I just hid the books for both Nicholas and Rachel.  That didn't work so well because Nicholas found most of Rachel's books for her and one time Rachel found one of Nicholas' books.  They didn't really know which books they were supposed to find.

This year I came up with a solution. You can tell from their expressions that they were a little shocked by what they saw when they came to play.

This year I made the book hunt into a yarn game.  Do you see the yarn tangled all over the room?

I gave each kid they starting piece of yarn and a cup to wrap it around.

Then they had to follow the yarn to find their school books.

Yay!  Rachel found one of her books!

I made the course a little harder for Nicholas.  He often had to crawl under or over yarn to get to his books.

Success!  Who knew that an English book could bring cheers of joy?!

Nicholas doing the yarn dance!

It took Rachel a while to really get the hang of what she was supposed to do.  I had to keep helping her roll up her yarn and reminding her what to do next.  But then again, she's still only 3 years old!

Nicholas actually enjoys these Perplexor logic puzzles.

That book is almost as big as Rachel!

She's going to like the AlphaTales book set.  We'll use it to review all the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make.

At the end of the yarn course, Nicholas found a pencil bag full of goodies.

Rachel took a little longer to find the end of her yarn but by now she had figured out the game and was having fun finding new books.

I guess the boy is happy with his loot.

Rachel found a wonderful little science book that is mostly involves me just reading to her about nature.

Finally Rachel found her pencil case hiding in the drawer of the coffee table.

Lots of Hello Kitty goodies for her.

Well, we will be up and at 'em tomorrow morning!

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