Family Game Night

We got a wonderful surprise from Grandmother C. today.  A package arrived with a special treat for each of us.

She knows how I love special things like soaps and lotions for relaxing and pampering myself so she sent me a huge bar of the most amazing smelling soap.  So heavenly!

Rachel got the Melissa and Doug Princess Elise magnetic dress-up doll.  She has loved playing with these types of toys at other children's homes and I'm so glad she finally has her own.

Nicholas got his package opened and didn't quite know what to think of it at first.

It is a game called Fasttrack by Blue Orange Games.  We had never heard of it before but the boys quickly figured out how to play.

The laughter was amazing!

Even Stuart was having a ball playing!

The concept is simple.  Each player has little wooden discs that they have to try to shoot through a small opening in the middle of the board.  They can only use one hand and they must shoot the disc with the elastic band.  The elastic band gives it the force but you are in charge of aiming it.  But don't take too long working on your aim because the first player to get rid of all of their discs wins.

Nicholas worked on trying to perfect his aim.

I loved the "high-fives" when one of them won.


The boys were having too much fun to let others play but Rachel didn't mind.  She was quietly sitting at the table playing with her Princess Elise dress-up doll.

Meanwhile, the fierce competition on the other side of the table continued.

Grandmother happened to call while the game was going on.  I could hardly hear what she said for all the laughter in the room.


Finally, they decided to take a break and break open the game that Grandmother sent to Stuart.  This was another Blue Orange game called Spot It!

Oh this game is so amazingly fun!

Two cards are played.  Only two pictures on the cards will match and the first person to shout, "Spot It!" wins that match.  It sounds so easy but you will be surprised how you get stumped at times.  

But even Rachel got in on this game.  She was quite good at it and beat Daddy several times.  

We had a wonderful game night.  Thank you Grandmother!

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