Eighth Grade Graduation

Every year the Coppell Home School Association has an end of the year party for their members.  There is always great food and a fun time with friends.  The students have a recital where they can play instruments, sing, dance, read poetry, or whatever they want to do to perform.  There is also a graduation ceremony for students completing kindergarten and moving into elementary school as well as a graduation for students leaving eighth grade and entering high school.  

This year Nicholas was called up as a graduating eighth grader.  He really didn't want to wear the graduation hat but....too bad. Stuart had some great words for him but the gist of what he said was "We are proud of your hard work this year.  Have fun tonight because ninth grade starts tomorrow."  Yep, homeschooling isn't all about doing school in pajamas and going on field trips.  This is high school and it is really happening!

Yes, I made him stand in front of the graduation sign.  He hates it when I make him pose for corny pictures but I'm mom and that's what I do!

Students also bring art, science, or other projects to put on display.  Nicholas just recently created this Star Trek Enterprise on his own (not a kit) so he brought that to display.  Some might think that 14 is too old to have LEGOs.  However, Nicholas has an engineering mind and it just has to constantly create things.  LEGOs are a great outlet for that need.  I have always loved that whether we are studying history, science, or literature, Nicholas will always create something out of LEGOs that represents what he is studying at the time.  It is just one way that he processes the information that he is learning.

It's been another amazing year of homeschooling.  We are so blessed to be able to teach our children at home so that they can grow in their God-given talents while developing a love of learning.

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