2018 Sandy Lake Homeschool Day

Today we spent a fun day with friends at the Sandy Lake Amusement Park Homeschool Day.  It cost only $10 to get in and that includes unlimited park rides, paddle boats, and pony rides.  It is a great deal!

Sandy Lake is a nostalgic type of amusement park.  It has been around since 1971 and it reminds me of the old Fun Fair Park in Baton Rouge that my parents took me to.

They even have the spyder!  I used to love this ride.

And the Paratrooper or "umbrellas" as I called it was another favorite of mine at Fun Fair Park.  It is so neat that my kids get to ride these same rides many (many) years later.

Of course, since it is Homeschool Day all of our homeschool friends were there too.  The middle school boys and girls were all hanging out together.  Yes, apparently the boys now realize that they can hang out with girls and not get cooties.

The younger girls all stuck together and rode the rides together.  It was the first time I let Rachel go around the park without me.  But she always had a buddy and she has been coming here for years so she knows her way around the park better than most of the other kids.

I couldn't help but pull up some old pictures of Rachel's first visit to Sandy Lake Amusement Park.  That was 7 years ago.  I love this one taken on the same carousel ride.  She is so little and so happy.

We all came back together for a picnic lunch under the shade trees.  I love these kids and their families!  We are all good friends just rolling through this crazy life together.

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