Sea Camp: My Favorite Sea Creatures

Nicholas has always had a passion for learning about nature but especially interesting marine life.  So he was really excited to learn that Texas A&M University in Galveston offers week long marine biology summer camps for kids called Sea Camp.  

There are several camps available to choose from.  Nicholas will be attending Adventures in Marine Biology.  Here's the description: 
"Explore a salt marsh by seining, digging, and sieving. Learn about the biota and food chains. Dissect a fish and learn about fish printing. Collect live oysters and study them with an oyster biologist. Trawl for shrimp, fish, and crabs from the research vessel Earl L. Milan. Tour a turtle facility and meet the threatened Loggerhead sea turtle. Attend a workshop on whales and dolphins and examine real dolphin bones."
I want to go myself!

They also offer scholarships.  One scholarship winner will be chosen from two designated age groups.  Nicholas had to create a poster and write a one page of his poster.  He made his poster about his favorite sea creatures like the manta ray, ocean sunfish, vampire squid, goblin shark, flying gunard, yeti crab, tunicate, and acanthostephia malmgreni.

We mailed it to Sea Camp today for judging.  He worked really hard on it and I know he is proud of his work.  

I'm a little worried about my boy being so far away in Galveston for a whole week but it is such an amazing opportunity that we are all really excited for him too.

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