Veteran's Day Relay in Flower Mound

Flower Mound is celebrating Veteran's Day with an all day Relay where residents are running the American flag through town at 3 mile intervals.  We were lucky enough to see the first hand-off at Station 4 on Morriss Road this morning.  Here is the runner bringing the flag in and the new runner is in the white shirt behind the cart waiting to take the flag for the next leg of the race.

And he's off!  My kids were waving their own American flags as the runner passed by us and a few people from the neighborhood were clapping and cheering.

The relay will continue throughout the day following this map through Flower Mound for four loops.  Each station is about 3 miles apart.

For the last section of the relay, the American flag will be carried by a Flower Mound resident who graduation from West Point and served in Afghanistan where he lost both of his legs when an IED exploded.  The flag will be attached to his wheelchair and he will hand pedal the last 3 miles of the relay.  This should occur about 4:30 or so on Lakeside but it is hard to know for sure since the pace of each runner varies.

If you are in the area, please come out and cheer for the runners as they pass by.  

Thank you to all Veterans who have served our country and sacrificed so much!

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