Birthday Fun at Build-A-Bear

One of Rachel's birthday presents included a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop.  She has never been before and was super excited to go pick out her own bear to make!

Rachel started with picking out the type of stuffed animal she wanted to make.  There are so many fun animals to choose from that it took her quite a while but finally the perfect new friend was chosen. Rachel chose a sweet white bear covered in colorful hearts.  It is just an empty shell of a bear though.  Now it was time to start filling it!

She looked at the different sounds she could add to her bear.    There were 16 different choices and she sampled each of them on the little button keyboard below.  There were some that said, "Happy Birthday!" or "I love you" and others that sang songs.  She loves Disney's Frozen so she chose the song "Let It Go".  I have a feeling we will all be very tired of that song rather quickly!  She opened the drawer at the top that corresponded with the number for her song and pulled out the little sound box herself.

Next she chose a scent to put inside her bear.  They are scented plastic discs that come in fun fragrances like bubble gum, chocolate, strawberry, etc.  Rachel chose Cotton Candy.

Next she picked out her bear's heart.  She could pick the little satin filled heart pillow or the plastic heart that actually plays a heartbeat when pressed.  She chose the heartbeat.  This bear has it all!

Next Rachel went to the giant spinning box of cotton.  A Bear Assistant held her bear on a nozzle while Rachel used a pedal to release some of the cotton into her bear to fill up her little body.

The Bear Assistant held the bear open while Rachel put all of the special treasures inside her new friend.

Once the little bear was full, the Bear Assistant stitched up the little hole in the bear's back.

When the Bear Assistant handed the finished bear to Rachel, she squealed and giggled with joy!

When she finally settled down a bit, I was able to snap this picture of the two cuties.

Rachel took her bear over to get her first pretend bath.

Then she took her bear to pick out an outfit.  Oh the choices! (and this is only some of the clothing options!)

Rachel collected everything together in a Bear Dressing Room.  She selected a dress, panties, shoes, roller skates, brush, and even a fold out pink chair.

This is one fancy teddy bear!  Rachel is so proud that she made her new bear herself.  She loves everything about her because she got to pick it all out herself.  What a perfect gift!

Finally, she filled out the registration form for her new bear and gave her a name....Love Bear.  Then she filled out and printed her bear's birth certificate.

Rachel has a wonderful experience making her own stuffed animal.  She even loved the box they sent her bear home in.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  And welcome to our home, Love Bear, you singing, smelly, heart-beating, sparkly, panty-wearing, roller skating bear!

I'm sure this bear will be close to Rachel's heart for a long time.  I couldn't help but think of a time Nicholas made his own bear.  Although it was at a library and not nearly as elaborate as this, he still cherishes Bumblebear (oh he was so little then!).

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