Courageous Kids Summer Camp at Sci-Tech Discovery Center

I've spent a lot of time at this little garden maze.  It is located outside of Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco.  I first brought Nicholas here many years ago and he loved to just walk along the maze over and over again.  Now that he has older, he is still drawn to it and Rachel loves it now too.  

The kids have been at Sci-Tech this week for a camp called Courageous Kids which is teaching them about super heroes and the science related to their gadgets and powers such as learning the principles of flight.  The kids are having a great time and I'm enjoying a few hours to myself to get caught up on school planning.

On this day, Rachel's class talked about spider man.  They learned lots of interesting facts about real spiders and she made this cute craft where a spider comes popping out of the ground to surprise you!

But my favorite craft of hers has to be the super hero doll she made out of a clothespin.  The super hero is ME and the note that the teacher helped her complete is just so sweet! 

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