Our Little Dancer

I had to wake Rachel up extra early this morning to get ready for her dress rehearsal for her big dance recital later today.  I was a little worried that she would be whiny and fussy since she doesn't like to be woken up from sleep, especially 2 hours before she usually wakes up.  But she did fine.

She is such a sweet sleeper, cuddling her pink blanket.  I had to snap this pic before I woke the sleeping beauty.

We had a tight schedule since I had to get her hair curled and in full costume to be at the auditorium for 8:30.  She was kind of bouncy as I was trying to put curlers in her hair.  We were in her room so she kept trying to reach for a toy or dance around.  It was getting a bit stressful for me trying to curl a moving target.

I suddenly remembered my mom curling my hair when I was little (I now can appreciate what a challenge it is!)  I remembered that she would let me watch TV while she worked on my hair so I scuttled Rachel downstairs and we tried that. Genius!!!  Her head stayed still and looked straight ahead the whole time.  

She felt pretty special with curlers in her hair!  What sass!

She ate breakfast and got her costume on and then we styled her hair.  Whew!  Everything was going fine.  Now just to get to the auditorium.  I'm not familiar with that area of town so I was a little worried about finding it.  But GPS gave me a clear shot there.

We were almost to the auditorium for the dress rehearsal and we were right on time.  I was feeling pretty good.  Then Rachel said from the back seat, "Oh no, this is bad.  This is really bad."  I wish I had gotten a picture of what I saw but I'll just have to say that her pink tights were completely torn up along the front of one leg.  It was very obvious but I figured I could at least turn them around so that the tear was on the back side of her leg instead of the front.  Not ideal but what else could I do?  Who knew I needed to have an extra pair of tights with me!

Fortunately her dance teacher is awesome and prepared for anything so she whipped out an extra pair of tights for Rachel.  I got her changed and on stage just in time for their tap dance rehearsal.  

Since it is just the rehearsal and not the real show, they let moms get right up to the stage to take pictures and videos.

Here is her tap dance performance.  Their teacher is off to the side doing the dance with them to help keep them in step so you'll see them all looking over at her throughout the performance.

(If you are reading this post on email, you will need to click on the title of the post to go to the actual blog post to see the video of her tap dance.)

After the tap dance rehearsal, Rachel was able to come out into the audience and watch some of the other girls perform.  She kicked back and relaxed without a care in the world.

Here is the ballet dance.  I would have liked to have edited out a little practice run at the beginning of this clip but I'm too impatient to wait for Stuart to re-install the software I need to do it so you'll have to watch the whole thing until I can fix it later.

(Again, if you are reading this in email, you'll have to go to the actual blog to see the video.)

Great dancing Rachel!

We made it home and as we were getting out of the car, a florist van drove up.  The lady said she had a delivery for Rachel.  Rachel wasn't quite sure what to think but a little smile started to creep across her face when she realized the flowers were sent from Grandmother and Grandfather C. The lady knelt down and showed Rachel all the pretty pink flowers and the little pink bird in the bouquet.

She even let Rachel be the big girl and sign for the delivery.  Rachel loved that!

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful dancer.

Rachel, you are such a delight in our lives.  We are so proud of you and can't wait to see your big performance on stage this afternoon!

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