Lovepacs {Service Opportunities for Kids}

We are always looking for ways to serve in our community with our children.  Giving up your time to help someone less fortunate is an ideal way to teach children to put others before themselves and to be the being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We recently volunteered to help pack meal boxes for Lovepacs - Lewisville.  There are several homes in our area that serve with this organization.  Essentially they pack up boxes of food to help children in our community.  Low income children get free lunches at their public school.  However, when school is out for breaks, Lovepacs still provides food for the children to have at home.  A local family uses their house to collect food donations and regularly schedules packing and delivery days to get the food to children in need.

We showed up for a packing day.  This family has completed opened their house for this project.  There was food stacked up lining all of the rooms downstairs including the garage!  There were a lot of people crowded in the house too, all wanting to help feed the children.

We were giving a packing list of which items and how many should be included in each Lovepac box.  This is also the list of items that they pray regularly for donations.

We went down the line and filled box after box.

Each box contained cereal, soup, canned vegetables, peanut butter, jelly, canned meat like tuna/chili/chicken, canned fruit, granola bars, poptarts, ramen noodles, and some individual snack items.

At one point we ran out of canned vegetables so someone made a run to the store and brought back a full supply for us.

There were hundreds of boxes packed and then other volunteers helped to deliver them to the schools to be passed out before the next school break.

Lovepacs is a great organization to volunteer with. There official website is  You can go there to find a group in your area to serve.  Blessings!

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