Mr. Big (Texas Spiny Lizard)

Nicholas loves to catch critters.  He is especially good at catching lizards and we have plenty of those around our house.  

We lots of Geckos and a few Anoles but every now and then we find a big Texas Spiny lizard.  

These are Nicholas' favorites.  He caught one a few years ago and named it "Mr. Big".  Now every time he sees one he calls it Mr. Big. 

He showed me how the lizard goes into a trance when it is turned on its back.  Sometimes lizards might feign death as a defense because their predator will likely only attack something that is alive.  However, I have also read that this behavior may be an involuntary response in the central nervous system.  Either way, Nicholas flipped him back over and he was fine and wiggly again.

We have several small reptile boxes in the backyard so the kids can contain what they catch to study it for a few hours but then they must be released back into the wild...or our backyard.

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